Why start another blog about Advertising?

Hmm. Good question. There are enough of them aren’t there? I mean, I think everyone I know has a blog. And most of the people I know are in advertising. I’ve already got three blogs. But, they’re not ad blogs. So, this is a first for me, though its a one million and first for the ad blog genre.

I think the reason to get this blog going is… well… when you’re freelancing, you don’t always get the cherry assignments. And even if you do, and heaven forbid, you sell something, you’re probably not going to produce it. And if you do get to produce it, you’re definitely not in a position to do it the way you want. Wanna argue yourself out of another week of work, let alone another day? I didn’t think so. You’re a resource. If you’re good, an idea generator. That’s why they hire you. Bring the ideas. Lots of them. That’s what I love about Freelance. Ideas. And the fact that you don’t get bogged down in the day to day. You bring a list of ideas to the table. You present them, maybe. Maybe you email them to the decision maker. Or, even someone who’s not making the decisions, but that person hands them, or emails them to the decision-maker. However it works, I’m in the idea business. And that’s why I get paid. Not to sit in meetings, though sometimes I do. And that’s fine. Cuz sometimes that actually helps. Other times, not so much.

So, back to my point. I guess I’m starting this blog to talk about what I do. I’m not generating a lot of work that will displace the work on my website. And a lot of times, I’m only peripherally involved in projects, so it doesn’t feel right to put them in my “book” or on my “reel”. So, this is where they will go. And I’ll talk about them. Talk about what I did. Discuss the work. Maybe throw our a few positive things I learned from the process. God knows, there’s a lot of that. I probably learn as much in a week as I did working full-time at an agency for 6 mos to a year. I’ve definitely learned to work faster. Work smarter, and be more efficient with my time. I’ve learned how to cut through the bullshit and nail the strategy in hours instead of days or weeks. Freelancers don’t have time to sit around laughing at youtube videos, or unjamming the copier. Unlike full-timers who have a review once a year if they’re lucky, we’re being evaluated every day on breadth, relevance and quality of our ideas. So, we better bring it. 

The other reason I’m starting this blog is because I feel that I need a place to post the things I like and respect. And talk about them of course. Cuz that’s what we do when we’re not coming up with ideas (or can’t come up with ideas), we talk about other peoples ideas. Love them or hate them. Its easier to hate, but that’s part of the gig. And we’ve all been on both sides of that. But, mainly, I want to show what I think is good. I guess, almost like being a judge in a show with shiny prizes, except there are no shiny prizes. There’s barely a prize at all. I guess the prize would be to be on my ad blog. Maybe I’ll figure out a way to make it shiny at some point. But, for now, its just an ad blog, and hopefully no one gets pissed.

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