One Show Finalist x 3

Natural Mural.Broadway Tunnel.SF.4.15

A week or so ago I heard that the Reverse Graffiti Project had been selected as a finalist in the OneShow in 3 categories: Branded Content, Outdoor-Single,  and Innovation in Advertising & Marketing – Single. As anyone in advertising knows, getting anything into the this show is huge. But, getting a piece into three categories… Monstrous. For the Bogusky’s and Goodby’s of the world, its probably taken for granted. But, I’m psyched. A film about the creation of an outdoor board promoting a cleaning product. Who’d have guessed.

Last year Pine-Sol “Raft” was a finalist, but didn’t get merit and therefore didn’t get into the book. But, it was up against some tough competition in the over :30 TV category. That’s always a tough one. But, in the OneShow, they all are.

So, we’ll see tonight what happens at the show. I’m hearing that we’ve got two pencils and a merit. Not sure what color at this point, but a pencil is a pencil. Though gold would be nice.

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