The Effies and the Unsung Heroes

Of late, this award  seems to be getting its due respect in creative circles. I remember when I started at Burnett and in the years that followed, only the account people went to the Awards Ceremony and ultimately displayed the trophy on their desks. Maybe it was my youth. My Naivete. But I don’t think I gave it the respect it deserved either…

As I moved into the ranks of Associate Creative Director and was more and more tied to my clients business and ultimately had to answer to their financial concerns, I realized not just how important this award was, but how important it was to grow my clients business. It sounds utterly ridiculously obvious at this point, but the agency is not paying your salary. Your clients are. Try getting laid off, or being asked to cut your salary as many agency employees are today in this economy. Its not because the agency doesn’t feel you are doing your job. Its because the clients’ business has taken a hit. And you work for them. So you get a right hook to the jaw as well.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t have a good “discussion” with your client every now and then. By all means, honesty is a valuable commodity, especially in this industry. But sometimes the client knows best. Sometimes they know their business better than we do. Creatives and agency folks poke in and out of each clients world on a daily, sometimes weekly or monthly basis. They live in that world. Every day. Every Minute.

This award means as much to me as a Pencil or a Lion. Well, in the interest of honesty… almost as much. It legitimizes the creative success of an idea and takes it to the next level in your book, on your resume or at a job interview. That’s why I’m pleased to post that Greenworks has won two Effies at this year’s show. A Silver in the Influencer category, and a Silver in the Household Supplies and Services category. Congratulations to everyone involved. Our Planner, Debra Berman. The Account Team of Marlena Keilch (Acct Director) and Jeff Boore (AE). Art Director, Natalie Chambers. Writer, Jon Lancaric. Producer, Frank Brooks. And my former design group at DDB, John and Matthieu. Oh, and last but not least, me the Creative Director.

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