A Rainbow at Cannes

I never meant for this blog to become a Reverse Graffiti Project Award blog. But, I’m happy to say that it has. Not that I get my rocks off writing about awards and the fact that they are rolling in. But, I do have to say that I’m psyched that RGP has been “cleaning up” at the shows. (Pun halfway intended…

Where did this momentum start exactly? Was it the first award that it won? Or with the first major blog that picked up our little project? Is this simply the culmination of a successful viral campaign? And now its simply reaching more potential consumers at Cannes? And getting more impressions?

It seems to me that the awards are serving two purposes, just like the project itself served two distinct purposes: 1. Spread the good news of Clorox Greenworks in a believable, memorable and beautiful way. 2. Win awards and make the agency and the people involved, famous. Just the same, the act of winning awards is continuing the viral march of Sustainability and Clorox. I have to say, I’m pretty impressed. Happy. Excited. Relieved. Vindicated. And Conflicted. Most of these feelings will have to wait for a more appropriate time to have their stories heard. But, for now, lets focus on Happy 🙂 and a little bit of Excited 😀

And as far as the rainbow goes, there is no pot of gold at the end, but a gold Lion in Media: Best use of Ambient Media, Large Scale. And at the other end, a Bronze in Design: Environmental Design, Semi-Permanent. And my favorite, nestled right in the middle. A silver in Outdoor: Ambient, Special Build. Outdoor is where this idea began. And to me, one of the best uses of this medium I’ve seen to date. I love the film we created. But, the board was a fraction of a fraction of the cost of making the film. And after over a year,  its still up in one of the most traveled thoroughfares in San Francisco. And another remarkable thing about this Media revelation: It was not conceived of nor orchestrated by a separate Media agency. Creative and Production with a little help from Account and Planning, made this happen. And we’ll see. It may not be over. There are still two categories to go…

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