Bringing Emotion To Shoes, On A Shoestring Budget

I’d always wanted to work on a shoe brand. So, when Lucas Martinez from Teva contacted me with a rough concept and a few thousand bucks, I had a hard time negotiating.

The idea? Live better Stories. Isn’t that what we all want? To have lived a life rich with experiences. And the things we pick up along the way, no matter how meaningless they may seem, become the physical embodiment of those stories. Going through an old box of old “junk” sure brings back memories.

Since the project was primarily in-studio print and video, I immediately thought of my good friend and local photographer Dwight Eschliman to help bring it to life. His style would lend itself perfectly to this project.

We put together a bid, wrote a treatment, and secured the project. As a result of a very small budget, we both wore many hats. Mine included Director, Art Director, Creative Director, Writer, Designer and Producer to name a few. This was a great learning experience for me, and it was a blast teaming up with Dwight.

In addition to creating the anthem film above, we had access to Teva sponsored World Champion Kayaker, Brad Ludden, his rocks, and his stories.

To extend the campaign in print, and showcase the product, we created a series of print ads with objects that helped visualize a range of stories, and the shoes that enabled the experiences. The first, Brad’s story, with a QR code that took consumers to Brad’s film.

We extended the print campaign by featuring six other Teva athletes and their real stories.

Dwight and Brooke Rogers retouched the print. Roger Lima from White Noise Lab created original music, sound design and did final mix for both videos. Brian Lagerhausen edited. Eric Pascua did VFX, cleanup and color. One Union hooked us up with a deal on our VO record.

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