From Code To Commerce, A Day In The Life Of A PayPal Developer

While at Publicis Modem in SF toward the end of last year, I was asked to create a video for the PayPal X-Commerce developer conference. The video would kick off John Donahoe’s speech launching the event. With only a few weeks for production and a fraction of the appropriate budget, here’s what we made…

If it seems a bit “inside”, it’s because it is. The target was developers that create commerce-related solutions, and the merchants who hire them. It was meant to help both see the potential profits when PayPal’s tools are utilized, and needed to incorporate accurate code connected to specific results of that code. We didn’t want developers to call BS.

The video starts with a developer waking up and heading to his computer to start writing code. Merchant painpoints are visualized and as our developer works, we see the problems solved by the code he writes, which results in profits for him and his merchant client.

Big thanks to Beast SF for their tireless effort on this. And to White Noise Lab for high quality, low budget original music and sound. Editorial: Beast / Brian Lagerhausen, VFX: Beast SF, Music: Roger Lima from White Noise Lab, AD: Dustin Smith, CW: Michael Curran, CD: Paige Grossman, Agency Producer: DP Odishoo, Production Company: Rehab, Director: Sean Leman.

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