When Razorfish was asked to help AHM / Acura launch the NSX, there were a multitude of documents circulated around the team, but there was no clear articulation of an brand strategy and how that translated to the launch of the NSX. And there were multiple potential storytelling platforms that were devoid of content strategy and an articulation of how they linked together from a messaging standpoint. I was brought on board to help fill those holes and inform the work to come.


We began with brand inputs from Acura, and by doing research on it’s innovative beginnings. We distilled that information into a few simple slides to define the Acura Brand Strategy. From there, we laddered the thinking to the reason for the existence of the NSX, and how it would create a halo effect on the Acura brand. A few pages with proprietary information obscured…

The resulting work was, and continues to be focused, functional and incredibly beautifully designed.


ECD: Christopher Follett
GCD/Content Strategist: Dustin Smith
Experience Director: Russell Hampton
AD: Cortney Ward / Vincent Shi
Agency: Razorfish
Client: AHM / Acura

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