Print Campaign for Leffe Beer. Created while at Leo Burnett for Interbrew International. Shot in the Netherlands.


ECD: Mark Tuttsel
CD: Dave Reger / Mike Straznickas
AD/ACD: Dustin Smith
CW: Jim Bosiljevic / Dave Reger
Photographer: Rolph Gobits
Agency: Leo Burnett
Client: Leffe, Interbrew


  1. Rolph Gobits says:

    Hi Dustin,
    I hope you are well. I just came across your website. It has been a long time we worked together. I still remember your enthusiasm for riding a bike. Wishing well.

    • dustindsmith says:

      Hey Rolph! Great to hear from you. I have so many fond memories of this shoot šŸ™‚ Back when we had time to scout and shoot at a leisurely pace, have a few beers and enjoy the process a bit. Hope you’re well!

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