Since 2008, I’ve donated thousands of hours of my time to help bring San Francisco its first bike park. Through my role as Chair of the McLaren Bike Park Founders, I’ve done everything from project management and trail building, to logo design, social media admin, event planning, fundraising, community organizing, co-leading community meetings, and lobbying officials in San Francisco City Hall.

Right now, I’m working with my Co-Chair Will Aldrich, our non-profit fiscal host, SF Parks Alliance, Alpine Bike Parks, Theresa Zaro Landscape architect, and SF Recreation and Parks, to develop construction documents. I’m working on a documentary, but you can read a draft of the story here.


We’ve sold tons of t-shirts at events and online over the last 8 years and given them away at events. This year we printed a new “Phase 1” edition that reflects the stage we’re at with the design of the park. Stickers are a must for giveaways, and stamps to show you paid to get in!



This version of the plans reflects all phases of the McLaren Bike Park Design presented during the MBP DIG fundraiser in April of 2015. Pictured with 6-time World Champion Downhill Racer, Greg Minnaar.


Printing the plans for the event…

Below is one page from the 90% Design Submittal in July of 2016. The document is 15 pages including Demolition Plan, Grading and Drainage, Erosion Control, Site Plan, Details, Add Alternatives, Irrigation Plan, Planting Plan, Landscaping, Signage etc.


The design will go out to bid in August of 2016 and construction is set to begin in Janary 2017. Opening scheduled for May 06, 2017.



We threw our first MBP DIG (Dine, Imbibe, Give) with dinner, drinks and silent auction with tons of great merchandise from donors in the bike industry, San Francisco based companies, local businesses, photographers and even some donations from individual cyclists that wanted to support the cause. I designed social posts, promo cards, and auction numbers for the event. We sold out with 150 attendees and over $25,000 raised.

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