At the time of launch, Samsung’s Galaxy SIII was able to do things that were not possible with other smart phones, like the ability to share content from device to device with NFC. To bring this feature to life, we created NFC enabled posters that rewarded owners with free exclusive content downloads directly from the posters to their GSIII. We upped our content-delivery play by designing, inventing and building first-of-their-kind kiosks that delivered free content using the NFC capabilities of the GSIII at airports, malls and special events.

Over 2000 NFC posters were produced in a wide variety of sizes and placed in airports and malls in key markets. Users simply tapped the poster with their GSIII to immediately receive exclusive songs and ebooks. New content was updated weekly, keeping owners coming back for more. Upon download, users were congratulated and alerted to more exclusive content coming soon.

Our touch-screen kiosks enabled users to select from a wide array of free, exclusive content that was immediately downloaded to their Samsung Galaxy SIII upon tapping the device to the life-sized illuminated phone icon on the kiosk.

Tens of thousands of users interacted with the kiosks and posters, which also achieved over 1.4 million in impressions. Most importantly, interactions and downloads drove brand loyalty and “device envy” among smart phone users.


ECD: Sam Cannon
GCD: Dustin Smith / Cliff Drane
CD/AD: Aaron Cacali
Photographer: Tyler Gourley
Agency: Razorfish
Client: Samsung Mobile USA

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