Pert Plus, the original “two-in-one”, shampoo + conditioner was originally sold as a way to speed up your shower routine enabling you to “skip a step” and do two things at once. In 2014 when we were tasked with re-launching the product, this message wasn’t resonating. Pert Plus was thought of as a cheap, no-quality shampoo. The reality was quite different. Through research and strategic workshops with P&G, we revealed that the “Plus” was actually a quality message: Pert Plus actually makes your hair smoother than more expensive designer shampoos. So, we embraced the smoothness and created fun “test” videos showing why and how “Pert is always a Plus”.


ECD: Jonathan Hoffman
CD: Dustin Smith
Surrogate CD: Desmond LaVelle / Julie Scelzo
AD: Adrien Bindi
CW: Nick Cade
Planner: Kara Hourihan
Agency Producer: Juan Woodbury
Agency: Leo Burnett
Client: P&G

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