When Razorfish was awarded the Visa.com redesign, we were asked to create an editorial content rich site. My role was to create parameters for the content that would be created,  show the user journey, and create sample content to illustrate both. All grounded in brand strategy.

The Challenge: Define a framework that would resonate regardless of campaign, product or service, or geo-location, and every day of the year.

We began by anchoring our framework in content pillars that we knew would matter to diverse group of audiences. We utilized brand inputs to define our Digital Inspiration, which would be our north star for the work. While the resulting deck was detailed, I can only show a brief overview of this project here.

The content strategy defined the structure of the “Visa Everywhere” section of the site, and the messaging of the content that lives within it.

It also informed the types of content and experiences we would create. 3-device-frames-composite.png


ECD: Christopher Follett
GCD/Content Strategist: Dustin Smith
CD: Michael Camara
UX Lead: Joy Andrews
Business Strategist: Jay Ganaden
Agency: Razorfish
Client: Visa


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