To bring to life the Curiously Strong heat of Altoids Cinnamon, we created a fully integrated campaign with lots of fun little bits, including limited edition Zippo lighters featuring our very own “Spokes-devil” Sindy.



A print and outdoor campaign gave the campaign reach and drove to our site for “hot” content.










One outdoor board was so hot, it melted content on an adjacent board. This type of thing has been done a lot since then, but ours was one of the first, and a finalist at Cannes.

cin_pop4 cin_pop3 cin_pop2 cin_pop1


ECD: Steffan Postaer / Mark Faulkner
CD/AD: Dustin Smith
CW: Dustin Smith / Scott English
Photographer: Tony D’Orio
Retoucher: Scott Giannini
Agency: Leo Burnett
Client: Kraft, Altoids

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