Intel technology INSIDE, enables amazing experiences OUTSIDE. To bring both sides of the Intel brand story together in one experience, we created a storytelling framework that allows users to seamlessly dive into Intel stories and content from both sides. Key stories are teased with an anthem film on the page. Immediately below, visitors find a menu of stories and are invited to go deeper. Select a story and swipe right to see the “Outside” part of the story that Intel tech enabled. Swipe left to go deeper into the Intel tech that enabled the story.

We created a responsive framework that holds the content within each story together visually and experientially across all devices.

While we launched with about a dozen stories, the framework was templatized, allowing for a range of custom layout options, but also making it easy for a virtually infinite number of stories to be added as as they are created.



ECD: Scott Larson
GCD: Dustin Smith
CD/AD: Alex Hoye
CW: Dan Vanderhei
AD: Ryan Mastalerz
Account Director: Andrew Tada
Project Manager: Justine Williams
Agency: Razorfish
Client: Intel / Agency Inside

Video Content: McGarry Bowen

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