For the launch of Clorox Greenworks plant-based cleaners, and to celebrate Earth Day, we commissioned U.K. artist, Paul “Moose” Curtis to create a large mural or “Greenscape” in San Francisco. The resulting “Reverse Graffiti” demonstrated the cleaning power of Greenworks in a way that actually enhanced the environment.  Acclaimed filmmaker Doug Pray documented the process and Moose’s philosophy of clean.

We created a microsite to house the film, information about the project and additional pics and clips. On June 10, 2008 we posted the film to YouTube and our internal team began to seed it virally. In just over a week it had over 50,000 views on YouTube and was Featured #1 with a 5 star rating. It quickly jumped to over 300,000 views and was shared on over 150 blogs.

The project was completed on a small budget, and was a labor of love for everyone involved. The DDB creative team worked with Moose to cut stencils for the mural and helped document the process.

The film was accepted into the LA Shorts Film Festival and was featured on The Discover Channel. The project was awarded Gold, Silver, and Bronze lions for Media, Outdoor and Design, respectively, as well as multiple pencils in the One Show and two Silver Effies. It garnered numerous other awards and accolades for creativity, innovation and effectiveness.

In 2014, Moose returned to wash away the Greenworks branding, taking his work back to it’s graffiti roots. As of early 2016, the film has reached over 1 million views on YouTube, and the artwork remains visible just outside San Francisco’s Broadway Tunnel.


CCO: Lisa Bennett
GCD/AD: Dustin Smith
AD: Natalie Chambers
CW: Jon Lancaric
Designers: John Gordon / Matthieu Brajot
Artist: Paul “Moose” Curtis
Director: Doug Pray
Agency Producer: Frank Brooks
Interactive Producer: Alli Taylor
Agency: DDB West
Client: Clorox Greenworks

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